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Christina River Watershed Cleanup

Christina River Watershed Cleanup Saturday, April 8, 2017 — 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM Gliding through rolling hills, farms and forests, large and small towns, the Brandywine, White Clay, and Red Clay Creeks, and Christina River constitute the watershed of the Christina River Basin, before continuing into the Delaware River. This watershed provides more than …

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Natural Areas Bioblitzes A Bioblitz is a fun walk led by a professional naturalist to identify any or all of the mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, wildflowers, trees, shrubs in a specific publicly-owned section of the Christina River Natural Area.  Christina River Natural Area is comprised of lands in the Christina Corridor having exceptional natural and ecological …

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According to the Delaware Watersheds website, there are many simple practices that you, as a resident of your local watershed, can do to help improve your local waterways and minimize your negative impact on water quality. The following recommendations provide several ways YOU can help. . Lawn and Garden – A healthy lawn and garden makes …

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Stewardship Toolkit

Stewardship Toolkit For The Christina River Watershed Water quality issues in the Christina River Watershed are complex. Almost every activity we do produces pollution that will be carried by rainfall, creeks, and streams throughout the watershed and into the Christina River. You can make a difference by taking action to help alleviate the problems. Whether …

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A Personal Invitation to Join: The Christina Conservancy envisions a Christina River and watershed with clean waters and healthy natural areas to support abundant fish and wildlife and ample opportunities for recreation and enjoyment by people, thanks to the good stewardship of residents and landowners, and effective regulation and management by agencies. The Christina Conservancy …

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To donate to the Christina Conservancy, click on the link below: Contact the Christina Conservancy to Make a Donation.

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The Christina River Watershed belongs to all of us and we need your help.  The Christina Conservancy offers residents, landowners, and visitors an opportunity to volunteer to help the Conservancy carry out its mission in concert with its partners and state agencies.  Volunteer opportunities are listed below.  As more opportunities emerge, they will be posted …

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Contact Us

Christina Conservancy, Inc. 1201 Orange Street, Suite 640 Wilmington, Delaware 19801 christinaconservancy@gmail.com

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